The Bourbon and the Damage Done with B-Diddy Disco
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The Bourbon And The Damage Done - Episode 1: The Fucked Up Blues

Playlist for the first episode of The Bourbon and the Damage Done - many apologies for the poor sound quality, next time will be better I promise!!

  1. Neil Young              On The Way Home
  2. R.E.M.                       Drive
  3. Beck                          Painted Eyelids
  4. Tyler Ramsey         Birdwings
  5. The Chapin Sisters           Drop Me
  6. Phosphorescent   Down To Go
  7. Almeda Riddle       Jesse James
  8. Warren Zevon       Carmelita
  9. James Wallace & The Naked Light             To The River
  10. Beck                          The Land Beyond
  11. Woody Guthrie     Hard Travelin’
  12. Band Of Horses     I Go To The Barn Because I Like The
  13. Frank Ocean           American Wedding
  14. R.E.M.                       Midnight Train To Georgia
  15. Wilco                         Via Chicago
  16. James Wallace & The Naked Light             Chopping Block
  17. Jimmie Rodgers    Waitin' for a Train
  18. Beck                          The Spirit Moves Me
  19. Beck                          Motherfukka
  20. Terry Malts             I’m Neurotic
  21. The Beach Boys    Wouldn’t It Be Nice (outtakes)
  22. The Beach Boys    The Times They Are A-Changin’
  23. Fun.                           All The Pretty Girls
  24. Fall Out Boy            The Take Over, The Break’s Over
  25. Matthew Sweet   Don’t Cry No Tears
  26. Warren Zevon       Numb As A Statue
  27. Frank Black             Road Movie To Berlin
  28. Mary Gauthier      I Drink
  29. Ween                        Sorry Charlie
  30. Beck                          Will I Be Ignored By The Lord?
  31. Beck                          Today Has Been A Fucked Up Day
  32. Beck                          The Fucked Up Blues
  33. Beck                          Pay No Mind (Snoozer)
  34. Dan Reeder            All My Money
  35. Caleb Klauder        Fall Like A Man
  36. The Chapin Sisters           I Never Will Marry
  37. Flat Old World       Hippie Song
  38. Spencer Moore & Everett Blevins             The Lawson Murder
  39. Tom Waits               Young At Heart