Winslow's Double Feature with Nick, Marcel, Regan, Ash
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Hosts: Nick, Marcel, Regan, Ash.
Content: A box of Lion Brown, foot races between Jean-Luc Picard and 13 year-old Harry Potter, tunes ranging from Japanese nu-jazz to hardcore rap that samples Neil Gaiman.

The Antlers - Drift Drive
Suuns - Bambi
Astronautalis - Tightrope
Olive - You're Not Alone (Nightmares on Wax remix)
Bailterspace - Projects
Tono and the Finance Company - Tuesday Evening
Kai Straw - The Suburbs (Mr Jeans / Arcade Fire remix)
Bang Bang Eche - 4 to the Floor
Home Brew - Saturday
Bear Cat - Ice Ice Skating
The Eversons - Auckland City Song
Bad Bad Not Good - Hedron
Thao Nguyen - Tallymarks
Lorde - Ribs
Mali Mali - Your Glowing Skin
Immram - Freedom's Song
Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels
Jizue - Home
Grrlfriendz - Weed Boy
Graveyard Love - Me, I'm Not Myself
Los Campesinos! - My Year in Lists (Live at Islington Assembly Hall)