The Bourbon and the Damage Done with B-Diddy Disco
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B-Diddy-Disco: The Bourbon & The Damage Done, episode 2: Lou Reed & The Golden State Warriors, Ride Into The Sun


1.       Ride into the sun              Chicken El Diablo

2.       Ride into the sun              The Velvet Underground

3.       Ride into the sun              Lou Reed

4.       Starman                               David Bowie

5.       Cancer                                  My Chemical Romance

6.       O Superman                       Laurie Anderson

7.       Pruitt Igoe                           Philip Glass

8.       America I: Is A Monster Dan Deacon

9.       Sample and Hold              Neil Young

10.   You're Not Good Enough              Blood Orange

11.   I Blame Myself                  Sky Ferreira

12.   New Age                             The Velvet Underground

13.   The Fairest of the Seasons           Nico

14.   These Days                         Tyler Ramsey

15.   Float On [ft. Charli XCX] Danny Brown

16.   Heart With No Companion           Leonard Cohen

17.   True Trans Soul Rebel                  Against Me!

18.   Carmelita                             G.G. Allen

19.   All Tomorrow's Parties [Nico Brick in the Wall Towel Head Remix]              Mancini & Tragedy

20.   Can I Kick It?                       A Tribe Called Quest

21.   Inside the music factory               

22.   White Light                         The Velvet Underground

23.   Velvet Underground      Jonathan Richman

24.   Pity Pity Love                     Adam Green & Binki Shapiro

25.   Wild Child                            Lou Reed

26.   Queen Bitch                       David Bowie

27.   Temptation Inside Your Heart    The Velvet Underground

28.   I Know How I Feel About You     Turner Cody