Eh? with James (and guest robot Rich)
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Another all Canadian ensemble, this time with guest robot host Rich. I just realised it's Christmas which could have featured but it didn't. Perhaps I'll do that in January.

Tracklist is....

Island Groovies - Makeout Videotape

Barbra - The Modernettes

Picture My Face - Teenage Head

The Single - Snooker Emporium

Alibi - The B Girls

Down But Not Out - Yves Rousseau

Your Face Is In My Mind - The 14th Wray

It's My Time - The Mynah Birds (Rick James and Neil Young)

Sparrows and Daisies - Jack London and the Sparrows (early Steppenwolf)

What Do You Want Me To Do? - Pointed Sticks

Cities and Plains - North of America

The Sneak - Thrush Hermit

Helix Pass - Fresh Snow

Pen Pals - Sloan

All We Want, Baby, Is Everything - Handsome Furs

100 Million Feathersweight - Tangiers

Let You Go Cold - The Superfriendz

Screaming Fist - Viletones

Homicides - 999

Surfin' on Heroin - The Forgotten Rebels

Something's Up - Wayne St John

1990 - Walrus

Big Belly Giant - The Tandoori Knights

Nothings Gonna Stop You Now - Loverboy

Tonight is a Wonderful Night To Fall In Love - April Wine

To a Sea - Fresh Snow

Bo Diddley's Cat - Deja Voodoo

We're Sinking - Mark Sultan

Toronto is Starting to Stink - Tonetta (also here)

Jazz Police - Leonard Cohen

Don't Pretend To Know - Tapps

Ah Oui Comme Ca - Chromeo

Eurasian Eyes - Corey Hart

Some hot 80s heart throb doing disco.