The Bourbon and the Damage Done with B-Diddy Disco
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The Bourbon And The Damage Done Episode 4

I Wish I Was Like You, Easily Amused: The Neil Young, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain Nexus

1 Poor Moon Clouds Below
2 Guster Long Night
3 Neil Young Mellow My Mind
4 The Eastern The Stepping Razor
5 Colleen Green Wild One
6 mike stinson walking home in the rain
7 tom waits blind love
8 Lewis world you hurt me deeply
9 girls my ma
10 the walkmen many rivers to cross
11 The Alvarados Carmelita
12 tiny ruins The winter gardens
13 The chapin sisters the needle and the damage done
14 Matthew sweet isolation
15 french for rabbits Spirits
16 Matthias jordan Cosmic torrents
17 noveller Sisters
18 the spies egyptian bird song
19 The Beatles happiness is a warm gun (demo)
20 bones of jr jones st james' bed
21 tyler Ramsey stay gone
22 neil young barstool blues
23 the walters fancy shoes
24 the Vaselines Jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam
25 nirvana here she comes now
26 ty segall Drug Mugger
27 popstrangers don't be afraid
28 They Might Be Giants havalina
29 The Beatles strawberry fields (demo)
30 chris forsyth and the solar motel band I Ain't Waiting
31 The Eastern Talking Americana Yeehah Cowboy Blues
32 neil young journey through the past