Deep Hard n' Fakecore with P.P.Flo & K5K and Guests
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The first Deep Hard n Fakecore Radio Show in several years going to air in Auckland, New Zealand on Fleet FM 88.3 10pm - 12am (NZT) Wednesday Night (10 NOV) and podcasted over the interblag the next morning. 7 artists from 7 countries covering the full gamut of Breakcore // Jungle // Angst // _step // Acid // Rave // Noise // IDM // fakecore // etc all these artists all in one 2 hour show. Savage talent. USA Kings [Hungary] Baseck [United States of America] Blood Box [New Zealand] Zombie Flesh Eater [Germany] Synthamesk [Canada] Krumble the Disco Breaker [France] Anklepants [Australia] Will post link after somewhere around here after it airs 10pm - 12am (NZT) Wednesday 6 November Night.  

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The USA Kings


Blood Box Zombie Flesh Eater Synthamesk Krumble Anklepants